Ganga Giri

Plus: Mihirangi, Dustin Thomas

Saturday December 7th, 2019


Makawao Hawaii
9:30pm - 1am doors at 9pm


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Ganga Giri

Ganga Giri - (gun-gah gear-ree)
A didgeridoo virtuoso and innovator, who fuses this ancient instrument with electronic production and vocals, this music is about connecting to culture.

Ganga Giri started playing the drum kit at eight years old, and has travelled the world learning, studying tabla in India, and using a range of percussion instruments on stage, including djembe and congas as part of his rhythmic beat driven style.

Descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania, Ganga has taken dance-floors of the world by storm with his unique Australian sound; modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music.

With eleven albums to date, and two decades of touring across Australia, Canada, USA, Europe, New Zealand and into Asia, Ganga has performed everywhere from large outdoor festivals to dance clubs, outdoor arenas, hidden caves and sacred temples.

Ganga is also a founder of Didgeridoo Australia, a company that creates Aboriginal incursions and cultural experiences for schools, businesses and for corporate entertainment.

Ganga Giri’s act can have many incarnations; from one-man band to a multi-member dynamic ensemble including Aboriginal dancers and a full multimedia show. Ganga Giri on stage is modern primitive world music fused with deep earth bass music, using driving percussive, didgeridoos, congas, djembe, vocals, and original beats using laptop and loops.

His dynamic sets create dance floors with a sense of community, uniting everyone with the high energy of his beats. Ganga has rocked festivals worlwide including events such as Glastonbury (UK), Burning Man (USA), Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), BOOM (Portugal), Shambhala (Canada), Szieget (Hungary) and many more.

Ganga creates positive celebrations of global community, by transcending cultural boundaries, nurturing connections and creating positive change through music.

“Ganga Giri is a wonderful musician. I loved the mix of his ancient and primitive instrument with a wide range of great dance grooves. Ganga is really taking the didgeridoo places it has never been before and developing a unique style of music." – Peter Gabriel
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Mihirangi is all grrrrrrl power – commanding and conscious, humorous and carefree, her powerful message and music is hypnotic and provocative. “It’s Zap Mama, Sheila Chandra, Kate Bush and Billie Holiday being channeled by one woman and one powerful and dynamic voice”. Mihirangi’s astonishing show has captured and mesmerized audiences both nationally and internationally, becoming a touring favorite with her unique sound. She has performed with Public Enemy, Arrested Development, Sly and Robbie, Michael Franti and Lee Scratch Perry. Dubbed the "Queen of Loops", Mihirangi creates her own band sound live in front of her audience. Utilizing a loop pedal, the key to her music is the layering of her own vocal sounds. From the foundation of earth-shaking bass lines to intricately layered harmonies, rhythmic ‘ska’ chops, sensuous jazzy riffs and beat boxing – it’s all done with the power of her voice, an incredible vocal range and an exceptional talent for timing, rhythm and dynamic tonality. A multi-instrumentalist Mihirangi also plays percussion, keyboards, guitar and Hand Sonic.

With grace, fierceness, warmth and humour, Mihirangi’s lyrics poetically celebrate the values, lore, medicines and customs of her lineage and culture, uplifting her audience with her naturalness, infectious laughter and fearless authenticity. Her new show invokes and expresses the strength and spirit of the feminine in the full spectrum of it’s power from raw vulnerability to Indigenous disciplines that powerfully lend themselves to the global equality of feminine expression, empowerment and freedom. A musical journey of the soul that travels back through the ancient lines and melodies of lineages that connect us all.

"She's just brilliant with a capital 'B'! In the 30 years I've toured the world I've never seen anything like her... she belongs on stage.” Ali Campbell, UB40

“Mihirangi has got locked down a whole new way of doing music... it’s going to revolutionise us as artists”. Speech, Arrested Development

On the Executive Committee of the Global Alliance of Mother Nature's Guardians, for the last two years, Mihirangi and the AMNG has been addressing the World Governments, the UN and the International community as Ambassador’s for the Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, encouraging indigenous values into legislation. Mihirangi has performed for and with fellow artist activists Arrested Development, Lee Scratch Perry, John Butler, Blue King Brown, Michael Franti, Public Enemy, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Dixie Chicks.

“One of the most talked about bands at the event (Bluesfest Australia). Visually stunning and beautiful sounding” Australian Music Mag by Greg Phillips April 2019

Inspiring audiences across the globe, and celebrated for introducing her country to the art of live-looping, Mihirangi returned home back to her Ancestral land, learnt her language, raised a family and created Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura. After a highly successful first tour in Canada in 2018, they were invited to showcase at the worlds largest folk, roots and world music conference in February. This performance was amongst over 4000 showcases and was listed by Songlines Magazine (UK) as one of the top 3 live performances to have been seen. Māmā Mihirangi & the Māreikura just performed at the Byron Bay Bluesfest for their 30th Anniversary to critical acclaim.
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Dustin Thomas

Big hair, big smiles, and a whole lot of love- Wild-hearted globe-trotter Dustin Thomas is making waves from America to Australia with his infectious blend of beat-box/soul-folk. Armed with his voice, a guitar, and universal anthems of love and war; this young singer-songwriter continues to inspire hearts around the world on his mission of peace, joy, and unity. As a touring artist Dustin Thomas is known worldwide for his captivating and unifying performances and soulfully crafted sing-a-longs. As a recording artist, Dustin has built a unique grassroots following online and boasts over a half a million streams on his website alone. Truly a man of the road, Dustin Thomas has shared the stage with the biggest names in conscious music including SOJA, Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, Rising Appalachia, and Nahko and Medicine for The People. As an advocate for both social and environmental justice, Dustin Thomas uses his platform to inspire both awareness and consciousness about important issues and writes music that encourages all people from all walks of life to work through the hard times, appreciate the good times, and ultimately to love themselves, love the planet, and love each other.
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